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Movies Ticket Booking API (all Multiplex in India Movies,Films,theatre provides )

Please avoid last few minutes heartburn by facilitates your cinema tickets well in advance on same time from your figure and choose your favorities seat. You can convenientily book your multiplex movie tickets online.

Get real time updates regarding seats left.

Fast find and choose one in one touch real time online book your favorites FILM TICKETS with your figure suggestion in hand with our films tickets and fully enjoy films with your happy family and lovely dear.

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internet / Online Live select ticket control software (application)

Simple and qick resetful web service of movies ticket flow co-ordination to get content expressed in XHTML (for human use in browsers displays , price, Setting space, Design of hall status ), the supported Atom Syndication Format, JSON / JSONp (Javascript Object Notation) The Atom-movies tickeat source code based web services provide a set of query options to request items from a collection of your booked movies ticket date ,time, food order and succeses fully print our movies ticket through our current status

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Rashmi:Comment world-class showtime you need to get in touching through all multiplexes and make an real agreement not fake with them Then connect your ticket booking API with those multuplexes intregation won self web/app/payment systeem. New IONX Nehruplace INOX MOvie VS SATYAM SELL api, and Now patanjali movie ticket api, frree provideed by patanjali ticket booking api, 20 ka 30 ka aur Mcinema 500ka Movie ticket api lelo bahi free me llo lo aap v lo movie ticket api working 100% dear.