Choose OTP/ PROMOTIONAL/ TRANSCTION SMS as per your need (SMS api free)

Nix info provide extremely coloury-popular API is the HTTPS / HTTP to SMS API (Getway). Most of the EAPI is fully RESTful API Code integration that make use of effortless query parameters run via URLs. Some times If you can maintain side by side a Web page with a form, backed(undercover) by a scripting(technique) language .E.g-sampler. C Language, Java (3.96i version for supplicant different platforms messages),Perl ,PHP, C-url ,Python , VB .NET SMS API and other custom modification SMS API api options). version for sending Unicode messages. You already have what you want to send bulk /transaction/promotion Sms api inside information.

OTP Messaging or Bulk Messaging

Provider intelligence sms api prevalence of volumetric scale manifested numbers of greatly SMS messages for double-quick delivery to mobile movable phone end to end terminal user(BPT sms api). It is used roughly by digital firm, media tech companies, top operation, most fair play enterprises, Local/Global bankers.

Lets simplify this further, there are 2 types of SMS in India according to TRAI IND-GOV(outbound).

Transaction SMS (utilization also:Live-trade,sale,deal,dealings,bargain,banks,goods sms api)

Transaction SMS-api: primary uses for safe marketing sellout and fraud unofficial and transaction or spoof data control via One True Pairing –OTP SMS . By dint of One time Password uses.

Promotional SMS (via-api. Send for Marketing SMS to boost your business dsy 1st.)

Promotional SMS:(Trai-rule) These are SMSes which are sent for with destination of magnify or promoting your product increase or diversiform service's. This range includes any sales , service & merchandise-marketing messages which mayhem or may not be solicited by the involved recipient.

Nix info SMS Service Features Features (Most Powerful Web/app Panel & Functions)

First understand difference between transactional and promotional sms.

Features Promotional SMS Transaction SMS
Delivery Time Time limit 9 AM to 9 PM only. Send 24x7 SMS delivery.
DND Numbers SMS Will not be delivered on DND numbers. All numbers delivered. SMS Will be delivered on DND numbers
SMS Delivery Send marketing sms as offers, product promotions. Pre-approved alert content only
Sender ID These SMS go from a random.
Sender ID, e.g. – ID-156269
Static 6-Alpha Character.
Sender ID. Like- IM-MAPPLE
Activation Instant Activation 1-2 Business Days.* (Or with in 2 to 3Hours)
Gateway Options Low Priority SMS Gateway and Normal SMS Gateway High Priority SMS Gateway and Normal SMS Gateway
Multiple SMS Gateway Automatically assigned to all clients. Automatically assigned to all clients.
Document No documents required Documents required.
SMS/ SMS api Set up cost Free for long time Free for long time
Plan/Price SMS Price SMS Price

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Hello valuable client before we you start into SMS – let us understand what is a DND (Do Not Disturb Directory)/NCPR (National Customer Preference Register) list according to TRAI. visit:NCPR

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)

Visit: more information to Indian Government SMS rules. TRAI

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